Business Litigation

Businesses often find themselves faced with complex disputes with other businesses or with individuals. At Jones Lovelock, we work with business clients facing litigation to ensure they get the best result, whether in or out of court, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe that carrying out cost-effective litigation strategies requires lawyers who are not just book-smart, but also strategic thinkers who exercise top-notch judgment. While our attorneys have the experience necessary to take matters to trial and win, we have proven just as successful at achieving client objectives early and creatively. Our reputation in the legal community, including our willingness to take cases to trial, provides our clients leverage in obtaining the most favorable settlements possible.

Jones Lovelock’s attorneys include experienced trial and appellate attorneys in business litigation disputes. Our attorneys have represented international gaming companies, national and community banking institutions, real estate developers, small businesses, and individuals in disputes including breaches of contract, securities fraud, and partnership disputes. In recent years, our business litigation lawyers have obtained judgments for our clients or successfully defended against claims in excess of $75 million dollars.

Whatever your business objectives, Jones Lovelock stands ready to assist.